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Iranian Technology-Based
& consultancy company


Kanda Idea is a leading Iranian company with long-term successful experience in providing technology-based engineering, monitoring (supervising), and management services to mega-projects, enterprises, and the public sector. The company deals with the issue, taking a creative, pragmatic and systematic approach and also invests a great deal of time and effort in projects, focusing on benefiting clients' benefits from the capabilities of information(technology) Infrastructures.

As the presence of engineering in every aspect of life, Kanda Idea has been present and covers a wide variety of services and solutions in an extended range of industries fields, some field such as ship tracking, maritime intelligence, petrochemical industries, Natural Resource Management, Communication, and Telecommunication.

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+ 15 Years

Over the last 15 years, besides (alongside) standard and customary services, we have developed several tailor-made integrated information solutions, equipped with a sort of tools and technologies like highly realistic (virtual reality) 3-D environment and geographic information system. This approach resultedsin added-values for clients and also an outstanding reputation for Kanda Idea, especially in the petrochemical, telecom and maritime sectors


Kanda Idea’s first team founded the company in 2002

After successive experience in providing technology-oriented services for NPC Projects in SPSEEZ, the team then continued its activities to serve clients, especially in these significant fields:

Monitoring and
Management services,
utilizing 4D Integrated
Information Systems


engineering services

(including utility, off-site, and
off-plot design of petrochemical
plants, refineries, complexes,
and industrial areas.)

NIB (Non-industrial
Buildings) design
services for
petrochemical plants
and industrial

As-built modeling, data
acquisition, precise
for plants, and
industrial complexes

(in construction or
operation phase), utilizing
up-to-date methods and

enterprises/mega-projects with

Ship tracking and
maritime intelligence
GIS-based services



From Startup Now,
Emerging Company
And Becoming Holding

  • Engineering Consultancy Grade (1)
  • Software Development License
  • Gis Engineering Grade (1)
  • Mapping Engineering Grade
  • Knowledgebase Company Grade

Kanda Idea always looks at necessities and gaps of industry and puts all its effort into answering them, and in the course of the time, it becomes the answer. with Four labs of research and development and diligent specialist staff

Nowadays We Proud To Outline The Standard Of Our Industries In The Region.

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