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Humans in the cycle of a lifetime learn and experience in interacting with their surroundings and environment. Kanda Idea is like youth has a lot of experience, failures, and achievements in 15 years of its life, and now Kanda Idea has become mature by entering new fields and face every project as an opportunity to learn. Kanda Idea developed its perspective by investing in multiple laboratories. these laboratories provide conditions to enter new fields like ship tracking, maritime intelligence, data engineering, and virtual reality, for instance, the maritime lab has provided the native system of ship tracking after three years of research and development.

In this contemporary age, science and technology are changing magnificently second by second and being associated with it, is one of the most necessary characteristics that all companies should follow. Kandaidea put adequate time and effort into researching cutting-edge science and developing the latest technology by several laboratories.

Prospect and Keep Advancing

Kandaidea put time and effort into being relevant to technology improvement, and this become one of the essential characteristics of its identity.

R&D laboratories

Kanda idea developed several labs that serve to company and the regional science atmosphere. The laboratories like the maritime lab, big data lab, and virtual reality lab are active these days.

Reports and Performance

The results and performance of these labs reflect in a megaproject that Kandaide is present and in collaborations held.

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